Heyyyy There!

Believe me guys I know some of y’all just like me couldn’t wait for 2020 to get the hell gone! It was so much stuff to deal with where most of us couldn’t think straight. Atleast I know I couldn’t. I prayed everyday to finally get our book done and out,  but you know you cant rush God. This took us almost 4 years to complete. This was Blood , Sweat but finally CHEERS!!!

I am glad to say with open arms... Welcome to Black Girls Gone Vegan!

I will be sharing tips on transitioning your bodies, beauty and babies into becoming vegan/ plant based the easy way. After we wrote BGGV we knew you guys would have questions and needed support on how to make this journey a success. Let me tell you I am all in with you to make this experience a life long way of living for you and your family. So hop on this train and start moving in the right direction!

 This is the perfect day to start. So put the kettle on and start sipping your BGGV  tea because this info we will be sharing is the way we live our lives. I will be 69 years old in a few months and you guys know my track record. I am so proud to say Black Girls Gone Vegan Is a movement.

We are spreading Love to the world!